Bitcoin Monitor (Firmware Licence)


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Bitcoin Monitor (Firmware Licence)

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Bitcoin Monitor (Firmware Licence)

The firmware for Bitcoin Monitor is available as a free download from our download page. However, you need to buy the rights to run it on your own ESP32.


  1. Build the hardware as per the schematic on Bitcoin Monitor page
  2. Download the current version of the firmware from Bitcoin Monitor page
  3. Program it with Arduino IDE using the “OTAWebUpdater” example that comes with the ESP32 Board Manager
  4. Connect to your ESP32 using a browser and load up the firmware (bin file) you downloaded
  5. The unit will run and display an authorisation message with your unique serial number
  6. Purchase this item and tell us your serial number
  7. We will include your serial number into the next firmware build and let you know when it is ready to download (usually within 2 days)
  8. Download and load the latest version of the firmware again

All future versions will continue to work for your ESP32 unit. The licence is not transferable. If your ESP32 unit dies or requires replacement, you will need to buy a new licence.

Note, your privacy is important to us and as such as we don’t want to know who and where you are. So we made a conscious decision not to build a “call home” functionality and instead we are hardcoding the serial numbers in the code.


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