We think Bitcoin Monitor is the coolest Bitcoin gadget ever! But then again we are biased. 😊

We feel Bitcoin Monitor is a must-have for any bitcoin enthusiast, particularly the traders who tend to wake up at night and check the price.  Set this up on your bedside and sleep well without having to check the price on your mobile phone and disrupt your sleep.

We created Bitcoin Monitor out of a real necessity. Being an avid bitcioner and amateur traders, meant we had the urge to wake up at night and check the bitcoin price on our mobile phones. This obviously disrupted our sleep and caused health issues for us.

So enter Bitcoin Monitor! This baby now sits on the bedside table and tells us the bitcoin price at a glance. Life is much healthier since! 😊

Bitcoin Monitor is connected to your WiFi network and constantly retrieves the bitcoin price, your current weather and forecast reports, and the accurate internet time for your location.


  • A true IoT (Internet of Things) device
  • A handmade case cast from polyurethane resin
  • Individually handcrafted and tested
  • Small enough to be a portable device
  • Works over WiFi
  • Configured via a browser
  • Powered via a USB port
  • Supports seven Exchanges: Binance (all pairs), Bitaroo (BTCAUD), BitMEX (XBTUSD), Bitpanda (BTCEUR), Bitstamp (All pairs), Kraken (XBTUSD), or Independent Reserve (BTCAUD)
  • Adjustable price updates (1-15 minutes)
  • Accurate internet time
  • Automatic daylight saving adjustment
  • Uses your location coordinates to get the weather report and forecast
  • Supports metric and imperial units
  • Offers manual and automatically backlight adjustable
  • Firmware is updateable via a browser

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Bitcoin Monitor Quick Start Guide.


Bitcoin Monitor uses the ever-popular and powerful ESP32 CPU from Espressif as its processor and a 2.8″ TFT LCD (240×320 ILI9341 chipset) as its display. It also uses an LDR and a resistor to control the backlight.

Wiring Schematic:

The wiring schematic is quite straight forward as show below.

We recommend soldering all the connection, but you can probably manage with jumper wires.


The following firmware are available for download for free:

The firmware will check your ESP32’s serial number and will only display the price if it is authorised (a.k.a. paid for) to run on your device.

Follow the instructions on the Firmware shop page to install the firmware.

All future versions will continue to work on your ESP32 unit. The licence is not transferable. If your ESP32 unit dies or requires replacement, you will need to buy a new licence.